Gülşah Sürel Erdem

"Becoming an architect was my childhood dream. The Megaron symbol, which is widely accepted to represent the first human dwelling in architectural history,
has been our starting point and building block. This is very special to me."
Founded in 2014 by Master Architect Gulsah Surel Erdem, House of DIV, brings her designs under one roof.

The Founder and Design Director of the brand, Master Architect Gulsah Surel Erdem founded House of DIV in 2014 to gather her designs that blend her interest in philosophy,
architectural history and symbolism with her architectural experience and to present them to the acclaim of design enthusiasts.
The designer enjoys being a part of the whole process, from the start of an idea to the establishment of the story, from the preparations of molds to the production.
She believes that "Everything made with love will sparkle".
Sparkle, just like the meaning of DIV in the Sanskrit language…