When would the ordered product be delivered?
Your orders that have been paid via credit card are approved instantly by the bank and can be taken to preparation immediately. In case there is any problem in the delivery of the products you ordered, all information regarding the product is sent by our store managers to your e-mail address registered in our system or our customer representatives reach you by phone. The products you ordered until 17:00 will be picked up by the courrier within the same day. After the courrier picks up your package, the delivery is made in the shortest time possible to your address in regions where available; in regions where delivery to address is not available the package is delivered to the nearest courrier office based on your address.       
Which courrier will be used to deliver my order?
Our company has agreements with Yurtiçi Kargo, Aras Kargo and UPS.

Please click to see direct address delivery service regions of Yurtiçi Kargo

Regions listed in red or not shown in the list do not have direct address delivery service. In addition, due to the security rules of military territories, address delivery to these regions is not possible. Deliveries may be delayed from time to time due to regional reasons that prevent or delay deliveries.
How will I know that my order has been delivered to the courrier?
When your orders are delivered to the courrier, our system automatically sends the shipping information to your registered e-mail address.
Also, when signing in to our website, you can view the status of your orders from the My Account section and instantly track your order.
Will I pay any extra fees when receiving my order?
There is absolutely no extra charge during delivery. Please contact us in case the courrier demands any extra fees from you.

What should I do if the order is defective or wrong?
When your order is delivered to you by the courrier, please control the outer package for any damage before accepting it; in case of any damage, have the courrier fill out a "Damage Identification Report". Please be aware of the damage explanations the courrier files in the Damage Report. As an example, a report such as “The package is not damaged, the product is damaged.” will be interpreted that the product was not damaged during transport which will complicate the product change. Please make sure that the courrier files the report with correct and exact explanations.

(I.e.: When the product was delivered, it was controlled and found to be damaged.. )
In cases where you notice any damage after accepting your order, immediately inform the courrier office and ask for help in filing a damage report.

Having the courrier file the damage report and deliver the product back to us will enable us to complete the product change and inform you as soon as possible.
IMPORTANT: The damaged product must be send to us with the same courrier that delivered it to you.
My invoice was not delivered with my order, what should I do?
All orders delivered via courrier are handed over to the courrier according the invoice and with their respective invoices.
Our official invoices are an integral part of your order.
Your invoice is delivered to you in a transparent plastic bag on the order package or in the package with the product.
If for any reason the courrier does not deliver you the invoice in this plactic bag, please remind the courrier and insist in asking for your invoice.
Please have a report filed for the invoice in case it cannot be delivered despite all requests.
The delivered product is not the product I ordered? (Colour or product code different)
You can send us the faulty product with a return/change form via Yurtiçi Kargo. Once we receive the product, we will send you the correct product as soon as possible.
The delivered product is defective, what should I do?
You can send us the defectve product together with its invoice via Yurtiçi Kargo. Once we receive the product, we will send you the correct product as soon as possible.
I did not receive all of the products from my order?
The product quantity you received and the product quantity on the invoice should be the same.
In case the products stated on the invoice are not in the package, ask the courrier to file a report and contact us.
What happens if no one is to be found at the address at the time of delivery?
In case the courrer cannot find anyone at the address, he/she leaves a “Cargo Notice Note” and brings the package back to the office. In this case the package must be picked up by the receiver within 3 days. Packages that could not be delivered because no one was at the address are not redelivered by the courrier. Products that come back to our comapny due to receiver issues are tkaen backi the courrier costs are deucted from the total and the rest amount is paid back to the customer.
Can I change the receiver name or address after I ordered?
You may put in the receiver name separately while putting in your order. Receiver name or address cange cannot be done after the order is created. The courrier coming to your address will deliver after controlling the name stated on the order versus the ID at the address.
What to lookout for when receiving a delivery?
When you receive the products you ordered from our website, if you choose to do so, you may control the contents of the package after signing the delivery note while the courrier is still with you. If there is a mistake or missing content in the package, you can have a report filed and either send the package back or inform us.
If, in such cases, you encounter a problem with the courrier, please inform us immediately. We will intervene as soon as possible and the problem will be solved.
From which cities can I place an order?
You can order from all over Turkey. We do not have a location restriction within Turkey. The deliveries of our products can only be made within areas the courrier companies we work with cover. Since in areas where our contracted courrier does not deliver to address the package is delivered to the nearest courrier office based on address, our customers themselves need to pick their packages up from the courrier offices.

From which countries can I place an order?
You can order from only Turkey and Europe.